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A question of mindset

If you have been following Talking Health, Thinking Safety throughout the year, you've probably read enough about the relationship between physical health and workplace performance. Therefore, let's go mental. 

The human body is the most amazing, complex and elaborate machine on the planet. This edition explores our 'search engine’, our nemesis or our great ally – the human mind.

You see, no one should know you as well as you do. No one spends as much time with you as you do and no one challenges you in this life as much as you do. At least we hope that’s the case.

There's always that little voice in your head, tapping away at you, guiding you, teaching you, choosing for you, comforting you, daring you to change, respond or choose differently, asking you to display courage and essentially chase positive change.

There's two distinct relationships that we choose to have with our inner voice. Take this moment to consider that your choice may be directly impacting your enjoyment of life, your work performance and your workplace safety.

The first relationship with the human mind is one of comfort. Hearing the challenge that it throws your way and despite it making good sense for your health and welfare, you choose to ignore and simply power on. Do you remember saying to yourself: “Is it safe? Oh well, it's close enough.” Or: “I need to talk to her. Oh no, much too hard.” Or: “I'm putting on weight. Don't worry, it won't happen to me.” Or the old, “I'll start exercising, but no, I don't have time.'

The second mind body relationship is not based on comfort. This ‘mind body’ is aware of the inherent danger of being comfortable. Every choice is given great consideration, the ego intercepted by rational, compassionate thought, while long-term health is given first priority at every turn.

The key message here is that your life, health and safety starts and ends above your shoulders, tucked away in a powerful pocket called your mind.

So which relationship do you have? The one that slowly leads you down a path of frustration, sadness, fear and poor health; or down the road of happiness, passion, energy and optimum health?

Regardless of your answer today, you have the power and courage to change from this day on.

Till next time, good luck and good health.

Written by Matthew Beechey, Director of R&R Corporate Health and acclaimed industry health and wellbeing expert

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