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Measuring success

Prosperous, creative organisations are a joy to watch in full flight. Successful companies are built around teams of motivated, enthusiastic and engaged staff working together towards a common goal, sharing a fervent desire to maintain productivity and look out for each other’s safety. Sounds good doesn’t it?

The recipe for success is a complex mixture of respect, inclusivity in operational direction, palpable team morale and importantly, consistent, creative leadership. But it’s also critical to the role of executives, OH&S and HR personnel to continuously monitor staff performance, engagement and company culture.

In this context it is important to understand that assessing wellness and health is often objective, as most measures are based on quality, not quantity. Staff engagement surveys provide valuable information but the ‘actual value’ of wellness can only be realised through achieving sustained staff productivity and ultimately, team results.

Take a moment and think about what it’s like to work at your company. Is it a place that inspires and challenges people? Are you a leader in the space of workplace health and wellness? Do you like going to work? It begs the question, what can a company do to measure staff engagement and create a true wellness culture?

It is becoming increasingly clear that leadership is what drives company wellness, so why not start by creating staff surveys that explore safety, health and wellness leadership across your organisation. Ask the leaders about their own urgency to maintain health and fitness for duty. Are they leading by example? Find out how much they value the health and wellness of their team and gain data that demonstrates how often team leaders mention health, wellness and performance in toolbox meetings. Do they talk about hydration, safe manual handling, and teamwork in safety, exercise, nutrition and their company employee assistance program? Do they implore their staff to maintain balance between work and home life? Have they created a team environment where everybody shares an equal desire to not get injured? Make this a six monthly survey and ensure that your staff provide a 360-degree view. This initiative will increase accountability and ensure that health and wellness starts to become part of ‘the language’ across your organisation.

Ok, now let’s turn our attention to decreasing risk and incidence of injuries and accidents. The immediate focus on injury risk is to assess site safety and for that we are glad. However, if staff aren’t eating the right foods at the right times, drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, exercising regularly outside of work and stretching at work, don’t hold your breath for injuries and accidents to decrease. Therefore a unique method of looking at injuries and accidents is to create individual health and safety accountability surveys. Questions need to be asked around the degree of ‘self care’ that they display in order to decrease their risk of injury and accident. An organisation built on a culture of ‘health first in safety’ is an organisation that will prosper long term.

There is little doubt that people who feel valued for who they are what they do are generally willing to work harder and smarter. All staff should feel that they are more than ‘just a number.’

Monitor, measure and believe in the power of workplace wellness.

Till next time, good luck and good health.

Written by Matthew Beechey, Director of R&R Corporate Health and acclaimed industry health and wellbeing expert.

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