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After 35 years in the transport industry, Tim Giles now works as a writer commenting on the industry he loves and working to keep those working in trucking informed about the latest developments. Starting out in the late 1970s, driving underpowered and uncomfortable trucks with plenty of character, Tim has experience most of the joys of the trucking industry, working with flat-tops, livestock, general and refrigerated freight. He has even owned two trucks without going bankrupt.

  • Infrastructure crunch

    Industry talk

    Infrastructure crunch

    June 2013

    The warning bells have been ringing for quite some time, but the impending problems the trucking industry is going to come across in the future are not being addressed. It appears to be a perfect storm of issues which will lead to continuing inactivity on the decision making front. One of the major obstacles to a sensible infrastructure policy seems to be an inability to understand the problem.

    This difficulty in getting our heads around the issue seems to be the main reason why no-one is willing to put their head above the parapet and push for some real radical change in the way we build roads and the way we pay for them. There also seems to be an attitude among some of the stakeholders to keep the technicalities surrounding the way we calculate road wear, capacity and charging as some kind of dark art beyond the ken of the average punter.

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