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A2B Express finds success in Hotshot market

A2B Express finds success in Hotshot market

A2B Express has seen on-going success in the ‘hotshot’ market, proving that niche services are not only valued by clients, but can also open new doors for growth.

In today’s highly competitive - and at times volatile - trucking market, many operators have found that occupying their very own niche can be a powerful recipe for success. Daniel Scott is one of them.

Daniel’s career in the transport industry began in despatch at a transport depot, where he was responsible for loads of steel across all configurations in a relatively large fleet. His activities and responsibilities soon grew to encompass compliance and the development of a basic fatigue management (BFM) program for the company – enlarging his competency base and making him acutely aware of chain of responsibility and all it requires.

After nine years with the company, he moved on to another trucking company, again with responsibility in compliance, before taking up a role with a large fleet and adding maintenance management responsibilities to his job description.

Like many in the industry, he always had a desire to start up a business for himself – and three years ago made the decision to buy a rigid curtain-sider truck and become a local cartage contractor.

But despite his long experience in trucking and transport, Daniel knew from the outset that he had to deliver that little extra if the start-up was to survive and thrive.

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