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Bedrock: The key to customer service

Bedrock: The key to customer service

By taking on a big picture view and putting service first, Sydney’s Bedrock Quarry Products and Bulk Transport has not only managed to ride the current wave of construction activity, but also set itself up for future challenges.

Mick Colley, head of Bedrock Quarry Products and Bulk Transport, has no illusion of his company’s role in the construction boom Sydney is experiencing at the moment. He says the business is tough, fast-paced and unforgiving, and his role in it is to not just provide a service, but to add value to his customers’ operations.

As his own salesperson, and with 25 years of experience to draw upon, Mick has understood that the market will proactively seek out those who will deliver on what they promise, and drop those who won’t. As such, it’s his work ethos and commitment to service that is keeping him in the game, he explains.

“I’ve got to where I am because I treat this as a service industry,” he says, explaining that Bedrock started out providing quarry products to major civil contractors and concrete plants located in the Sydney basin, but has since also established a 13 truck-strong in-house transport fleet.

“It’s not about what we do, but how we do it. It’s about the service we provide to the customer. You don’t decide how many trucks you get to have, for example – your business and your customers decide that for you.”

Having founded the Bedrock business in 2010 amid the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), Mick says the intense focus on service has been second nature from day one. Even though he sees himself as more of a “buyer, seller and supplier” of quarry products than a classic transport operator, the same philosophy applies across every business unit.

“The majority of Bedrock’s business comes via reputation and relationships, and I relish dealing with people who have similar philosophies to mine,” he says – adding that a certain ‘sense of urgency’ is key to good customer service. “We may have a client committing ten guys to building a road, who need 500 tonnes of road base to get the job done. If it doesn’t turn up when they need it, they can’t progress with their work and come to a stop. That’s a huge cost for the client and the community, so it’s vital that we have a sense of urgency for what we do.”

When establishing the business towards the end of the GFC and going through the hoops of obtaining finance, Mick says that very attitude made all the difference and allowed him to purchase a 12 month-old Mack Granite tipper and dog combination. “I started off with one truck and planned on driving it myself, so I went for six tenders to supply quarry materials with the rationale that I’d be happy to get one,” he explains.

As it turned out, Mick’s unique approach to business was so convincing that he got all six jobs, so he quickly put together a network of sub-contractors to handle the sudden influx of work. “I threw everything I could at it, allocating work to the others, driving 12 hours a day myself and then staying up nights invoicing, quoting and paying the bills.”

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