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Borg Manufacturing takes charge

Borg Manufacturing takes charge

Upholding Australia’s proud manufacturing tradition, kitchen panel specialist Borg Manufacturing has found success by keeping all processes in house – from material sourcing through to final mile delivery.

With much of the manufacturing debate in Australia focusing on the imminent departure of the local car making industry, the success stories written outside the limelight often go unnoticed.

Yet, according to a 2014 report by the Australian Workforce and Productivity Agency, higher value-added, technologically advanced production is still able to make a notable contribution to the domestic economy – opening a “window of opportunity” for local businesses to succeed even in a time of waning capital investment.

Borg Manufacturing, for example, is one local manufacturing business that has managed to buck the trend and continue to grow in an otherwise stagnant economic environment. With three large plants in New South Wales and a network of branches and warehouses around the nation, it represents a new generation of ‘smart’ companies that succeed by offering value-added services in niche markets with a high degree of specialisation.

Focusing on the production of panels and components for the kitchen industry, it is, in fact, so successful that it was able to create its very own transport division to take care of the logistical challenges that come with orchestrating a nation-wide organisation. At the moment, the company-owned fleet counts some 155 vehicles, with around a third performing line haul work and more than 100 rigids on local and regional delivery duty.

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