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Colonial Freightlines goes the distance

Colonial Freightlines goes the distance

Relying on suppliers like Castrol and Kenworth has allowed Colonial Freightlines to complete refrigerated deliveries across some of the most expansive routes in the country, for some of the most demanding clients.

In the late 80s, Damien Baker, Owner and General Manager of Colonial Freightlines, could be seen constantly driving his only truck on the long, lonely route between Perth and Melbourne, delivering refrigerated freight between the two cities.

Now, the Colonial fleet has grown from that one truck to 28 Kenworth prime movers, and the company’s delivery reach has extended all the way up into the Pilbara region and Darwin, as well as continuing the east-west course.

“The distances we travel are so far,” says Damien. “Perth is very remote, and some of the locations we service are even more so. Everywhere in between our runs is a lot of nothing, where you’re left on your own if there’s ever a breakdown.”

Damien explains that his team works hard to eliminate the chance of breakdown by trusting his hard working and reliable equipment. “The work in refrigerated transport nowadays is all Just In Time transport, where there’s no room for mistakes,” he says. “We know that our Kenworth trucks will keep us going on those long trips from one side of the country to the other.”

The Colonial Freightlines fleet of Kenworth trucks is all sleeper cabs, predominantly from the T9 series, chosen for their comfort and driver acceptance, and most importantly for their big bonnets. “We spec the T9 series because of the high ambient temperatures in the harsh environments we traverse. The big bonnets give the engines more room to breathe, and they’re filled right off the assembly line with Castrol Vecton, which is our oil of choice,” explains Damien – adding that he’s been using Castrol since “back in the RX Super days”.

“We’ve been working with Castrol for 25 years, so we know we can rely on it to get us across the country,” says Damien. “Being the first-fill for all Kenworths is really important to us, because we don’t like to change oils. Different oils have different detergents, characteristics and integrities, and keeping it consistent minimises risk even further.”

With a list of big, blue chip clients including Sadliers Nexus, Toll Group and Breeze Logistics, Damien doesn’t leave any part of his operation to chance. “The big, blue chip clients demand perfection, which we deliver by relying heavily on our suppliers. Castrol Vecton oil is without a doubt part of how we deliver the excellence they require. If it’s good enough to be Kenworth’s choice for first-fill, it’s good enough for us.”

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