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Days of Thunder

Days of Thunder

Fuso is rolling out its new generation heavy-duty product as the largest model in the Fuso fleet takes a big leap forward. The Japanese brand released the latest version of the truck, which was initially called Heavy back in May when it was unveiled at the Brisbane Truck Show as the Shogun.

Named after Japan’s all-powerful military leaders, as appointed by the emperor, who ruled the country for centuries until 1869, the Shogun according to Justin Whitford, Fuso Truck and Bus Director, marks a revolutionary step for the brand.

“It will set new standards for Japanese trucks and deliver our customers a clear advantage thanks to its leading Daimler technology that complements its legendary Fuso toughness,” he said.

The integration of Daimler technology is not something that can be underestimated. Indeed, at the heart of the new Shogun range is a Daimler-developed engine family that has already been saving fuel for Mercedes-Benz customers since it was released locally in late 2016.

Fuso has also confirmed it will offer the OM470 11-litre six-cylinder engine to its customers straight away and says an 8-litre unit is also in the pipeline. There is even a chance that the Australian Shogun will be made available with the 13-litre Daimler six, but at present Fuso was not yet able to confirm this.

For now, there is strong interest in the OM470 11-litre in-line six-cylinder that will cover the demands of most operators. The OM470 uses the latest generation technology from Europe and delivers the kind of torque that only much larger engines could deliver in years gone by.

It is a common rail engine featuring a special pressure booster and an asymmetric turbocharger, a feature that helps deliver more pulling power lower in the rev range. A key characteristic of the power unit is a potent decompression engine brake with up to 340kW of force. It is one of the features that has been given the big thumbs-up by Mercedes-Benz customers.
The 11-litre engine will be available with two ratings; 400hp and 2000Nm and 460hp (335kW) and 2200Nm. More outputs may be on the way, but Fuso is confident these two will hit the sweet spot for many Australian operators, especially after an in-country evaluation program.

The engine is coupled to a state-of-the-art 12-speed automated manual transmission that reduces driver fatigue and makes low-speed manoeuvring easy.

This new generation transmission has been developed with Australian customer needs in mind. Fuso says it works extremely well with the new and improved engine as it has more torque available more of the time in order to reduce the amount of shifts required.

The OM470 has reportedly delivered fuel economy improvements and a reduction in AdBlue consumption in New Zealand, where it was introduced early this year. The proven engine treats its exhaust using three different systems, Selective Catalytic Reduction (using AdBlue treatment fluid), Exhaust Gas Recirculation and a Diesel Particulate Filter. Importantly, this means the Shogun meets stringent Euro 6 emission standards, which will certainly appeal to those operators who are keen to limit carbon emissions in line with progressive customers who demand their freight is carried by cleaner trucks.
Fuso says the introduction of the new powerplant means Shogun customers will also benefit from long service intervals of 50,000km, keeping running costs to a minimum.

Safety was also high on the list of priorities for Fuso engineers, who also benefited from the Daimler group’s strength in this area.

The Shogun features the latest electronic safety systems and comfort features, including adaptive cruise control (Proximity Control Assist) with stop and go function for heavy traffic, which should help make their job much easier. Unless traffic comes to a standstill for some time, the driver doesn’t need to touch the accelerator or brake and can simply concentrate on looking after the steering.

Fuso also decided to include Advanced Emergency Braking as standard. This feature, which has also been rolled out across most models of the Canter range, can even initiate braking for moving pedestrians. Other safety technology includes Lane Departure Warning and Electronic Stability Control.
The Shogun also includes a smart safety feature that enhances visibility to the left of the driver. It’s called a transom window and is basically an extra window below the armrest on the passenger side of the cab that increases visibility.

An all-new interior delivers a high level of refinement, with Fuso engineers focusing on noise vibration and harshness suppression. There is also a fresh ergonomic layout with a driver-focused dashboard design ensuring controls are within easy reach. Many of the systems can be operated by steering wheel mounted buttons that enable drivers to keep their hands on the wheel. The longer hands stay on the wheel means more time eyes stay focused on the road.
Sitting in between the speedo and tacho is a digital screen that displays a range of data including the gear selected, but also the speed, fuel consumption and other truck related information.

Sitting to the left of the steering wheel is a new 7-inch touch screen complete with Bluetooth audio streaming and phone connectivity as well as truck-specific satellite navigation.

The traditional key and ignition barrel has been replaced with a Start button, which is just like those found in Mercedes-Benz passenger cars and trucks.

Fuso has launched the Shogun with prime mover and rigid options covering everything through to B-double work, including 6x4, 8x4 with load share front suspension and 4x2 configurations, and will offer steel and air suspension varieties. Gross Combination Weights run from 40,000kg to 63,000kg.
It is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty of five years or 500,000km (whichever comes first).

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