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Driver on demand

Driver on demand

When transport companies turn to Logical Staffing Solutions they receive access to its pool of passionate, experienced drivers like Jim Ngawhare, and the knowledge they will find the right fit.

Jim Ngawhare arrived at Logical Staffing Solutions from Hobart via Hamilton, New Zealand, where he was raised on a dairy farm. He moved to Melbourne in 2015. Jim, resume in hand, walked off the street, into the office at Logical Staffing Solutions in Laverton. Following an induction, which included an interview and standard background check, Jim was working and he hasn’t stopped since.

“It was a good process and it helped inform Logical of the type of work they should target for me,” Jim says. “Within a day I was off to work and I’ve pretty much kept in work ever since.”

Since he was a kid, milking cows at 4am and riding his bike 15 kilometres to school, Jim has been instilled with a strong work ethic, an influence from his father, who impressed upon Jim the importance of knowing how to operate many vehicles. He was driving rigids and cattle trucks as a young man. Now he works two jobs, operating forklifts six days a week. He goes to the gym on Saturday, just to stay active.

“You’ve got to stay fit when you have a sit down job,” he says. “I would not have considered myself as the type of person to sit on a forklift all day and yet three years later I’m still enjoying it.”

Working in a frozen food plant, stacking pallets of pastries and meat products, Jim operates a range of Crown machines including tuggers, RCs, counterbalance and reach forks. In cold storage conditions, with the temperature 18 below, Jim works in overalls, jacket and insulated boots. The forklift is enclosed, so it’s only at the pick-face when it gets truly cold. It’s a KPI focused business, which suits Jim.

“It’s fast-paced so there’s no time for slouches,” he says. “When it comes to work I’ve found if you give a 120 per cent, 99 per cent of the time you’ll be asked back the next day.”

Of the people he has spoken to who have worked with Logical Staffing Solutions Jim says, to a man and woman, they have all sung its praises for the assistance and diligence they provide in finding ongoing work. 

“I can’t put enough stars and stripes on Logical. They have supported me all the way through when I started,” Jim says. “They have always put me to work. Most of the jobs they have found me are full time hours. They have pretty much been my life saver since I moved to  Melbourne.”

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