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Engine oil at work

Engine oil at work

Changes to global emission standards have resulted in engine manufacturers requiring the next generation of oils that can survive for longer at higher temperatures.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) test standards are used to ensure oil manufacturers comply with new engine oil requirements. Valvoline All Fleet PLUS E900 has been tested to these standards with formal OEM approvals, together with comprehensive proven performance in the field to ensure trouble free operation of the  equipment.

Diesel engines have progressed with the evolutionary changes of the road transport industry. So too has oil and the technical criteria for producing it. Creating a premium product that increases engine durability and ensures the reduction of a fleets’ total cost of ownership is an imperative consideration for an oil and lubricant specialist such as Valvoline.

The next generation of diesel engine oils have been designed to meet the latest specification, in this case API CK-4, the standard endorsed by the American Petroleum Institute (API). While reducing costly servicing is one of the key considerations for OEMs and fleet operators, next generation oils are designed to perform in higher temperature like those found in the latest low emission heavy duty vehicles.

Ed Kopinski, Valvoline Technical Director, says field trial programs, often conducted in conjunction with fleet owners, are designed to evaluate the performance of a lubricant such as Valvoline All Fleet Plus E900. Field trial work is extensive, conducted across the globe and under Australian conditions including light, heavy and road trains, before it can be released to market.
“We’re talking about millions and millions of kilometres of testing before we’re able to introduce new products. A lot of development work is done two years prior in terms of phasing a particular lubricant into market,” he says. “At Valvoline we don’t look to only meet standards when launching new products, following such extensive field trial periods. We’re confident this oil goes above and beyond to help extend the life of the engine.”

Valvoline All Fleet Plus E900 is the end result of Valvoline’s close work with OEMs. Ultimately, this will provide a product that prolongs the life of an engine and keeps the vehicle operating at its capacity, reducing costs for owner-operators and fleet managers.

Valvoline All Fleet Plus E900 carries formal approvals across various manufacturers such as Detroit, Mack, Volvo, Renault and Cummins. According to Ed, the OEMs focus on four key properties, which include wear protection, aeration or foaming within the engine, oxidisation and shear- stability.
“By combining the innovation and proven performance, Valvoline’s hands-on expertise, in diesel engines, ensures the end-user has the latest lubricant technology available for their fleet. In field trials, Valvoline All Fleet Plus E900 was tested for wear protection, aeration or foaming within the engine, oxidisation and shear-stability. The product exceeded the performance of previous grades even under high load situations experienced in road-train applications.”

According to Ed, Valvoline All Fleet Plus E900 is catalyst compatible, as the oil does not interfere with after treatment devices typically found in new low emission engines, such as Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) and Selective Catalytic Reduction.

API CK4 has strict requirements for low ash that Valvoline All Plus E900 meets.

“By having low ash quantities in the oil you will prolong the life of your DPF otherwise you would have to be cleaning your DPF far more frequently,” Ed says.

Valvoline All Plus E900 contains the latest additive technology including antioxidants and dispersants, which reduce sludge formation, ensuring viscosity control across the drain interval. Newer low emission engine piston design exposes the lubricant to higher temperatures due to raised piston rings. Without this new additive technology, oil degradation will accelerate the wear of the engine.

Valvoline All Fleet Plus E900 has been developed to meet the various requirements of wear protection, according to Ed, that managers expect out of their fleet.

“It’s backwards compatible to all the previous graded engine oils and it will increase the performance and protection of an engine especially of the older model engines that are still circulating in the Australian Market.”

Fast Fact
Valvoline All Fleet Plus E900 15W-40 performance levels have been approved for Cummins CES 20086, Detroit Diesel 93K222, Mack EOS-4.5, Renault VI RLD-4, Volvo VDS-4.

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