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Hardy’s Haulage lifts safety to new heights

Hardy’s Haulage lifts safety to new heights

While truck safety continues to be under scrutiny by road authorities, there is little recognition for transport businesses striving to lift the standard. Hardy’s Haulage is one such example.

It’s been almost a year since a tragic tanker incident in Sydney unleashed a roadworthiness inspection and investigation wave that it is still affecting industry today. Since the Mona Vale crash, regulators and enforcement officers alike have been extremely active in roadside blitzes and workshop examinations, and the resulting publicity concerning ‘unsafe’ vehicles has done little for industry image.

Amidst the confusion, it is often overlooked that the vast majority of transport businesses and people involved do not 4condone the use of unsafe vehicles and that the industry continues to make significant advances in safety that exceed current standards. Based in Pottsville, NSW and Warwick, QLD, Hardy’s Haulage is one such company. With a rigorous inspection and reporting regime, it ensures that nothing is left to chance. Every time a company vehicle leaves a depot, everything has been inspected, checked and, if need be, attended to.

Four full-time mechanics in Pottsville and two in Warwick are charged with keeping the entire fleet in top mechanical condition and even the slightest problem reported by a driver is attended with a sense of urgency – a philosophy that has had direct impact on Hardy’s Haulage enviable safety record.

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