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Innovation is the key to success at Noske

Innovation is the key to success at Noske

When it comes to achieving higher levels of efficiency and productivity, Tony Noske is one fleet owner who knows the true value of innovation and looking beyond ‘accepted practice’.

You don’t have to spend long in his company or look deep into his past to realise that Tony Noske isn’t shy about trying something new, something different, in a bid to improve his business.

“I’m sure I got it from my late father Lou,” he says when asked what fuels the constant, almost zealous, search for new ways of doing things, always with the aim of achieving higher levels of efficiency and productivity.

“He was certainly a tinkerer. He had no formal qualifications in engineering, but he did have an incredible ability to build things, and improve things. And they always worked so well. Cars, trucks, excavators – anything.”

In fact, it was his father’s home-grown ingenuity and the construction of a mobile asphalt plant in the late ‘70s on the family property at Hamilton in central Victoria, which would eventually provide the foundation for Tony’s rise into the wider realm of trucks and road transport.

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