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Keep on running

As new Chain of Responsibility laws come into effect this month, National Transport Insurance, with its expertise and commitment to commercial road transport businesses, is well placed to deliver real solutions for companies that can’t afford to be grounded.

Any accident, injury or worse can represent a costly disruption to a road transport business. Having a truck or worker laid up is bad for business.

Now that Chain of Responsibility (CoR) broadens the accountability for boardroom decisions that affect the people in the depot, warehouse and cab, the process to get things right out on the road has never been more crucial to efficiency and reducing incidents.

Leading specialist insurer, National Transport Insurance (NTI) has been working with industry experts and associations to develop a CoR Health Check in addition to risk tools and templates like the Contract Review Checklist and Drive Assessment.

According to Tony Clark, NTI Chief Executive Officer, the CoR Health Check will help businesses of all sizes understand their compliance obligations to which they will be enabled to promote a culture of safety internally.

“We’re committed to helping truck owners and operators understand and adapt to the new Chain of Responsibility legislation,” says Tony.

“While the Health Check does not replace legal advice, it does give the user insights into possible risks for their business.”

The Health Check will be available free online and provides participants with a downloadable report, as well as a benchmark of where they sit in meeting CoR requirements compared to others.

Accidents bring about disruption and expose companies to expenses that have long-term consequences.

An insurance company must be committed to being there for businesses when they are most needed. Put simply, this often entails returning trucks to the road faster and keeping businesses running at full capacity.

Ultimately, it’s about facilitating minimal interruptions according to Tony.

“Our work with industry associations, sharing our knowledge and collaborating to interpret data are just some of the ways we walk the talk and get down to making a real difference,” he says.

NTI has been insuring trucks in Australia for 40 years and the company provides insurance coverage across machinery, mobile plant and equipment and marine. Its focus is to understand safety and share what it knows.

Part of this includes the reforms for CoR Heavy Vehicle National Law-participating jurisdictions, which will broaden the scope for who is considered part of the transport industry and the responsibilities incumbent upon them.

“This will likely result in significant concern from consignors around how they select transport service providers.

There is an opportunity here for fleets to leverage current and past investment in safety to gain an advantage when competing for work,” Tony says.

The current reforms, he believes, should encourage more communication between all parties in the transport industry.

“Fleets need to consider how they gather information around risk management and compliance from employees and subcontractors and how they respond to it and how they communicate it to their customers,” he says.

Businesses are now looking for their insurance representatives to provide advice on how to best protect their operations as a whole.

NTI is currently edging towards accessing government held datasets to cross-analyse it against its own internal data to see what new insights it might learn.

The partnerships and national network it boasts enables NTI, as Tony sees it, to leverage strength in vital data analysis.

“We’re also working more closely than ever with our customers to undertake research and review the effectiveness of the safety initiatives already embedded in their businesses. By aggregating these sources of data we can assess the effectiveness or otherwise of particular safety initiatives,” he says.

“We see it as our purpose to keep the industry growing and moving towards a safer future.”

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