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Maxwell Freightlines’ journey to success

Maxwell Freightlines’ journey to success

Less than a decade old, Maxwell Freightlines wrote history in late 2016 when it took on the first A-doubles cleared to run from Victoria through to Queensland.

In an asset-heavy industry like commercial road transport, building a new business from the ground up has become a feat fraught with financial risk. But when Richard Maxwell, an industry veteran of 35 years, set out on his own in 2008, he knew only a blank canvas approach would allow him to make his vision a reality. The idea was to build a company that would surpass the traditional notion of a transport business and add value to the entire logistical process behind the transport task by providing access to new, technology-based solutions and services.

To lay a reliable foundation for the new venture, which is now trading under the name Maxwell Freightlines (MFL), Richard’s first objective was building a team of experienced professionals that shared the same vision. “I knew that to create a company that would be able to offer more than just carting freight from A to B, I needed the right team in place,” he explains. “We now have about ten staff in our Melbourne office that have been involved with many renowned transport businesses before, and their inventiveness and creativity is what’s setting us apart in the market.”

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