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Minion Enterprises adds value to offering

Minion Enterprises adds value to offering

Based in the heart of the Port of Newcastle, Minion Enterprises is counteracting the end of the mining boom by continuously adding value to its service offering.

No issue is more pertinent to the Australian economy than the transition from resource-driven growth to a more broad-based model. Construction and capital expenditure data have been indicating for a while that the end of the mining investment boom has well and truly come, but non-mining sectors still struggle to take up the running.

Asset-heavy transport businesses are especially at risk, as they are often highly specialised and unable to change swiftly.

Minion Enterprises, however, is an exception of the rule. Created at the peak of the mining frenzy, it managed to diversify its product offering in a way that allowed it to grow continuously throughout the downturn.

In the past, Minion’s core activity was moving mining machinery from the Port of Newcastle to the Hunter Valley coalmines – leading to the rapid growth of the company’s over-sized and over-mass division based in the suburb of Carrington.

Until recently, componentry for the diggers, dumpers and draglines used in the mines would arrive daily at the dock and generate plenty of specialised haulage work. And as many of the items were previously used, it was also necessary to wash and scrub them to satisfy quarantine regulations – an opportunity to add value the Minion team seized when they saw it.

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