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Queensland Police: Focus on collaboration

Queensland Police: Focus on collaboration

Mike Keating, who is in charge of Queensland’s Road Police Command, has the refreshing view that law enforcement should be as much about education and encouragement as it is about punishment.

There can be a bit of friction between trucking and law enforcement at times, but the approach Assistant Commissioner Mike Keating, who is in charge of Queensland’s Road Police Command, brought to the table at the Livestock and Rural Transport Association of Queensland’s (LRTAQ) meeting in Toowoomba in February has the potential to overcome the divide and kick off a new era of collaboration.

Mike is acutely aware that the overwhelming majority of transport businesses is committed to providing an efficient and safe freight service and ensuring both drivers and road users stay safe as part of the process. He is also under no illusion as to the friction that various laws and regulations, as well as the corresponding interpretation and enforcement activities of police, can cause.

But, that hasn’t deterred him from taking a positive approach to his job. Knowing that everyone is essentially trying to achieve the same outcome, he has the refreshing view that enforcement should be just as much about education and encouragement as it is about punishment. As such, he has set out to bring a more inclusive approach to the application of regulations in the state of Queensland.

“We work very closely with people in the trucking industry, the agricultural industry and the general motoring public,” he explains. “In fact, one of our major strategic goals is to be more engaged with the people that we need to be engaged with. That doesn’t mean that we are always going to agree with everyone, but we are all about sharing the same understanding of issues.

“Where there’s an opportunity to be less focused on the enforcement outcome and more so on the safety outcome, we are happy to do that. It’s driven by the structure of the organisation and the way we work.”

Mike says the same is true for every stakeholder within the wider commercial road transport space, pointing to the importance of the relationship between police and the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR).

“We’re doing our best to work with Sal Petroccitto (NHVR CEO, ed.) and his team to evolve and develop what is a reasonably liquid environment as to where the National Heavy Vehicle Law is taking us, where it has come from and who is responsible for what in the various parts of that evolution. We also work closely with Transport and Main Roads on the roadside activity,” he explains.

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