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The world of modern fuel technology

The world of modern fuel technology

Keeping a truck fleet running at its peak is a science in its own right. To maximise efficiency, it needs a targeted performance solution, which would be unthinkable without modern fuel technology.

In a move to improve operational efficiency and reduce fuel consumption, Ron Finemore Transport has recently been given the all clear to run a new type of semi-trailer in the Australian Capital Territory. The resulting drop in diesel usage could amount to up to 304,000 litres per year, according to the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR), which officially endorsed the project.

While the move could have been seen as a defeat for Australia’s fuel lobby, it actually met the support of many in the industry, which is actively working towards a more efficient and sustainable future itself. In fact, the advancement of clean diesel technology to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions around the globe is an important cornerstone of the sustainability movement since the international Climate and Clean Air Coalition meeting in Stockholm in 2012, and the role of private businesses in it has since been widely acknowledged.

Back then, US Secretary Hillary Clinton stated that, “we know we cannot solve this crisis without the active co-operation and, indeed, the leadership of the private sector, particularly oil and gas companies [and] makers of diesel trucks.”

Since Clinton reached out to private businesses, the typical modern truck engine has become more fuel-efficient than ever before, and part of that advancement is due to modern fuel technology.

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