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Visy’s reinvention imperative

Visy’s reinvention imperative

Melbourne company, Visy Logistics, has leapt into the top echelon of recycling logistics by constantly reinventing itself in line with technological progress – even if it meant dramatic change.

At Visy Logistics, a division of multi-national packaging specialist, Visy, change is nothing to be afraid of. In the spirit of John Wooden, the legendary US basketball coach who won 10 national titles in just 12 seasons, the company’s unofficial motto is deliberately geared to embrace the unknown – failure isn’t fatal, but failure to change might be.

Just like Wooden understood the importance of constantly adapting to new players, new rivals and new styles of play, Visy Logistics has long recognised just how crucial it is to be aware of the shifting reality around us – from the challenges that come with urbanisation and demographic change through to those tied to new diesel emission standards.

To remain relevant amid such a complex environment, the company subscribed to a rigorous reinvention imperative from the day it opened for business in 1948. For example, Visy quickly embraced the idea of globalisation, allowing it to evolve from a local cardboard box factory into one of the world’s leading packaging, paper and recycling businesses employing more than 5,500 staff and operating over 120 sites globally.

The same openness to change also saw Visy sidestep from its core business to form Visy Logistics in 2006 – not only as a diversification method, but also as a means to ensure every Visy product was responsibly processed and transported.

Today, the Visy Logistics fleet counts more than 500 pieces of equipment and is widely considered one of the most advanced – and safest – in the country. Most of the powered vehicles bearing the Visy logo are to be supplied by Swedish OEMs Volvo and Scania, and less than four years old.

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