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Industry Insider : NatRoad

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Warren Clark

NatRoad, the National Road Transport Operators Association, was formed in 1994 when the Long Distance Road Transport Association and the National Transport Federation decided to combine their respective strengths to form a new, nation-wide industry association. Current NatRoad Chief Executive Officer is Warren Clark.

  • It’s time for industry to deal with the real issues

    By: Warren Clark

    June 2016

    NatRoad has worked closely with its members and industry when taking the lead in questioning the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal (RSRT) about the link between freight rates and safety for only one part of the supply chain. By lobbying parliamentarians and driving conversation, this discussion has been bought into the public arena where it has become clear that it was not understood what the RSRT was doing or which impact it had on industry.

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  • NatRoad clears the air on RSRT

    By: Warren Clark

    May 2016

    The recent debacle of the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal (the Tribunal) in handing down the Contractor Driver Minimum Payments Order 2016 in late December, and events since, may have at last provided an opportunity to insist that the alleged link between driver remuneration and heavy vehicle deaths be properly analysed.

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  • NatRoad condemns abandonment by government of equity in road charging and its commitment to ongoing

    By: Warren Clark

    December 2015

    I am, quite frankly, shocked by the duplicity of governments in relation to the recent decision by the Transport and Infrastructure Council (TIC), to walk away from its previous commitment to implement the recommendations of the 2013 National Transport Commission (NTC) report to reform the Heavy Vehicle Charging methodology.

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  • RSRT draft contractor minimum payments order

    By: Warren Clark

    November 2015

    On the 26th of August, the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal (RSRT) released a statement outlining its position regarding proposed minimum rates order for contractors (owner/drivers). Included in the statement was a draft of the proposed order and a costing calculator based on a model KPMG prepared for the Tribunal in April.

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  • Resolutions from NatRoad conference

    By: Warren Clark

    October 2015

    The 2015 annual NatRoad conference was held in the beautiful city of Brisbane from 13-15 August, with delegates attending from all over Australia.

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