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ARTSA reinvents itself

May 2019

After 11 years I have stepped aside and ARTSA has elected Martin Toomey as our next Chair.

Martin Toomey and his new Executive are in the process of reinventing ARTSA. It is exciting! Members of the 2019 Executive are shown in the photo box.

They are some of our industry’s new leaders.

Greg Rowe has taken over from Rob Perkins as Executive Officer. Greg is ex-VicRoads and also runs a small consulting company.

He has been contributing to ARTSA over a number of years and is the right person to take over from Rob, who will continue to manage ARTSA Data and some other expanding activities at ARTSA.

There are a lot of industry associations in the heavy transport sector.

Some represent the operators, some the freight forwarders, some the mechanics, some the truck suppliers, some the suppliers and some vocational sectors.

There is cross-over, competition and not a lot of collaboration.

ARTSA has adopted a policy of actively co-operation with other associations. That is,

ARTSA will actively seek association partners when it holds an event.

This is challenging in a sector where there is little history of collaboration. However things need to change and ARTSA intends on acting as a change agent.

There is so much to do in our dynamic industry that associations must co-ordinate their activities and co-operate so we can deliver influence and benefits for our industry.

This is a major challenge for association boards in adapting to a new future.

There are four ‘divisions’ within the new ARTSA: Member Services, ARTSA Institute, ARTSA Data and ARTSA Life Members. They are illustrated in the diagram.

In 2019 ARTSA will launch the ARTSA Institute. This visionary development will allow ARTSA to train new leaders and to identify and investigate the key issues facing all sectors of the heavy vehicle logistics sector.

ARTSA Institute will seek sponsorship from industry companies and from government agencies.

In return, ARTSA Institute will put new leaders into teams and have them investigate significant issues or challenges that have been identified as key influences on our industries future.

ARTSA wants to be able to influence the outcomes.

The sponsors will play a key role in identifying the topics that could be investigated. Sponsors will be briefed by teams as the projects proceed. The facilities of ARTSA Data will be available to ARTSA Institute.

Thereby insights will be gained from the data. Additionally, the ARTSA Life Members group will also be put in touch with the Institute participants and this will help guide them as they research significant topics.

ARTSA Data is now in its 6th year.

It will continue to provide vehicle-fleet reports and analysis to about 30 member-subscribers.

We are about to refresh our RVCS reports and I anticipate that we will add engineering information, such as ratings data to the component-level reports (SARN and CRN approvals guide).

That is, we will generate a useful guide to new vehicles for sales, marketing and engineering interests.

ARTSA Data produces a range of industry reports. The key data available to us includes:

1. Vehicle make, VIN, model and charge code (VIN gives country of manufacture).
2. Postcode of registration.
3. GVM, GCM and axle ratings.
4. Body type.
5. Year of manufacture.
6. Registration status: State, registered, lapsed, retired, never registered.
7. RVCS approval number (added by ARTSA).

ARTSA Data will continue to be managed by Rob Perkins. Rob has been ARTSA’s Executive Director for more than 20 years.

His extraordinary contribution to ARTSA is keenly acknowledged by the ARTSA Executive and membership. He is widely known in operator and government circles and his superb organisational skills and insights have underpinned ARTSA’s successes.

ARTSA has recognised people who have made a major contribution to our industry as ARTSA Life Members as well as to ARTSA.

Our Life Members group is shown in the photo box. ARTSA has changed its rules to allow individuals to join.

I expect that ARTSA will introduce ‘fellow member’ as well as ‘individual member’ grades in the second half of the year.

We want to provide a path for career-long involvement with an Association. We are working on a training accreditation for individuals.

This hopefully will be co-ordinated with training that other Associations do. ARTSA Training will again be held in October 2019.

ARTSA will run a joint meeting at the Brisbane Truck Show with the National Bulk Tankers Association. Expect an update of the PBS vehicle report and a new report about IAP uptake.

ARTSA will also run a major symposium on tuck and trailer fires in Sydney on 15 September. Exciting
plans indeed!

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