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Industry Insider : Australian Logistics Council

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Michael Kilgariff
Australian Logistics Council

The Australian Logistics Council represents the major Australian logistics supply chain customers, providers, infrastructure owners and suppliers. The ALC works with all levels of government to ensure it considers the needs of the logistics industry in its investment and policy decisions; and focuses its advocacy efforts on four key areas with the aim of improving supply chain efficiency - including supply chain logistics safety, infrastructure, regulation and technology. The ALC is led by Managing Director, Michael Kilgariff.

  • En route to a safer industry

    By: Michael Kilgariff

    December 2014

    If heavy vehicles were inspected vigorously every day and a speed limit of 10km/h was applied to all heavy vehicles, there would be no deaths or injuries from truck crashes. But industry would grind to a halt. On the other hand, if heavy vehicles had no inspection regime, could access any road with no speed or drive-time limits, goods would be delivered faster and cheaper, until the costs of crashes started piling up.

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  • Taking responsibility

    By: Michael Kilgariff

    November 2014

    It is a pleasure to bring you the first of my regular articles in Prime Mover about issues facing the logistics industry. As Managing Director of the Australian Logistics Council, I am fortunate that I get to speak to a wide range of people from across industry and government about the state of the logistics industry and the things we can do to make our industry stronger and more prosperous.

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