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Industry Insider : TIC

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Tony McMullan

Being the peak industry body for Truck Manufacturers and Importers in Australia the Truck Industry Council (TIC) is responsible for providing policy, technical and regulatory advice to State and Federal governments and their agencies pertaining to the National Truck Fleet. In January 2008 Tony McMullan was appointed Chief Executive Officer of the TIC. Mr McMullan has thirty years’ experience in the surface transport sector (Road, Rail, Maritime and Logistics).

  • Clearing the air

    By: Tony McMullan

    December 2018

    Australia first adopted European and the equivalent Japanese and USA exhaust emission standards for heavy vehicles back in 1995 when ADR70 introduced Euro I regulations.

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  • A missed opportunity

    By: Tony McMullan

    November 2018

    Australian governments, both federal and state, are currently spending record amounts of money on infrastructure projects, building new and expanding existing transport networks, particularly in the East Coast states of our nation.

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