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Jodie Broadbent: ATA NSW Manager

Jodie Broadbent: ATA NSW Manager

Jodie Broadbent has the ideal skill set for a career in the commercial road transport industry - and as Manager of the ATA in New South Wales, she is using it to make A difference to the lives of transport operators around the country.

Jodie’s role at the ATA in NSW encompasses everything from organising events through to dealing with Ministers, and at all times trying to keep the membership happy and provide the expected member services. In the beginning, the learning curve was quite steep, but Jodie is forthright about her approach to leadership.

“I grew up being taught that if you don’t know something then bloody-well ask. And I don’t care if you think I’m an idiot for asking a question, as I am sure others in the room are probably wanting to ask the same thing but are too shy.”

Today, speaking with operators and drivers is what she enjoys most.

“They are the ones at the rock face. They are the ones who do these things day in and day out, often with very little thanks other than a pay cheque. I love speaking with them and telling them that they do a good job. Having grown up in that environment I empathise with them a lot. I know what’s it like to have a husband away at work interstate and to ring up and say that the baby took its first step today and he’s in tears on the other end of the phone,” she says.

“I love going out and chatting with our operators and managers and I have a particular admiration for managers who have been drivers.

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