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A Volvo innovator turns 25

The Volvo FH series this week celebrated 25 years since it was released into the marketplace.

Launched in 1993, the Volvo FH showcased a new chassis offering greater flexibility for various transport applications. Regarded as one of the most technically advanced trucks of its time, it improved fuel economy, aerodynamics and featured innovative driveline and the Volvo Engine Brake.

The FH was named Truck of the Year on three occasions.

With over 1,500 drivers taking part in an extensive period of trials, the comprehensive evaluation of the Volvo FH led to a newly designed cab for enhanced driver comfort.

The Volvo FH has seen three subsequent cab facelifts, the last of which was made in 2008. By 2012 the new Volvo FH was launched with an emphasis on premium comfort in its integrated climate system I-park Cool. Further upgrades included Volvo Dynamic Steering. Another highlight of the design was the I-Shift gearbox, which was added in 2001, to help assist with tough, hilly terrain.

The Volvo FH, which coincided with a rich era of success for the company, has been compared to the backbone of Volvo Trucks according to Claes Nilsson, President Volvo Trucks.

“We were coming towards the end of a recession but decided to make a big push. This proved a real success. We launched the FH at the right time and had the most attractive product when the economy and transport market turned upwards again,” said Nilsson.

“Volvo Trucks has always been driving progress. Introducing the FH was a bigger step than before, one that really shows the drive of our engineers to use new technologies to add value to our customers and their drivers.”

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