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Accorsini Farms relies on Iveco Stralis for pineapple season

Pineapple grower, Accorsini Farms, has reflected on the use of its Iveco Stralis ATi, confirming equipment reliability and ease of use as benefits.

Accorsini Farms part owner, Rod Accorsini, drives the Iveco Stralis ATi during pineapple season (October to early January) several times a week to support the business. He runs the vehicle from the farm in Mutarnee, about an hour south to Townsville, where the produce is then distributed to all major state capital cities along with Darwin.

As well as the trips to Townsville, the Iveco Stralis reportedly spends considerable time on the farm tracks being loaded in-field with a combination of pineapples and compliment crops including watermelons and pumpkins, later taking these to a co-op packing shed around 15 minutes away for local distribution.

With an eight pallet tray body and hauling a single axle, 10 pallet tag along trailer, the truck normally operates at a little over 16 tonnes, a weight the Iveco Stralis makes small work of with its 460hp and 2100Nm capabilities.

“It’s got more than enough power and handles the loads with ease,” said Rod Accorsini. “We probably didn’t need that much power but we also figured that if the Stralis could accommodate that sort of output it would be put together right and would last us a long time.”

Having successfully completed its first harvest, Rod Accorsini told Iveco he was pleased at how the truck performed in the demanding Northern Queensland conditions.

“Some of the roads on the farm are bumpy and in a pretty ordinary state but the Stralis has handled everything we’ve thrown at it,” he said.

“We opted for cross locks on both rear axles and this has certainly helped us in the muddy conditions as well.

“Another important feature for us is a good air-conditioner, this blows nice and cold in the Stralis. The truck can be stopped and sitting in full sun while it’s being loaded but it doesn’t take long to cool down once turned back-on.”

Rod Accorsini also cites the IVECO Stralis’ rear airbag suspension as being a great benefit both for the driver and for the produce.

“The airbags provide a supple and comfortable ride – you don’t get those sharp bumps like in trucks with steel suspension,” he said.

“This is good for the drivers as fatigue is reduced and for the produce, because it arrives at the delivery location in better condition.

“I like everything about the truck: the comfort, power, the ease of use and it’s also very economical to run.”

Rod Accorsini’s 200-hectare property was purchased by father Robert in 1964, with the first of 5,000 pineapple plants being sown shortly afterwards – now some 55 years on, Rod and brother – and business partner – Tony, have plantings of around 1.2 million pineapples each year.

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