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Ahead with the rent: PacLease

PacLease offers fixed price full service lease and repair and maintenance contracts for commercial road transport companies in matching livery, plus rental units for customers like long standing partner Transforce Logistics.

First launched in 2015, PacLease offers customised full service lease and repair and maintenance contracts for the truck industry. Transforce Logistics, one of PacLease’ first customers, runs general freight out of Dubbo in New South Wales. Established in 2013, the company offers dedicated services on interstate and intrastate linehaul. It’s a requirement, given the nature of its operations, for it to have access to an expansive dealer network such as the one offered by PacLease.

“One of the benefits of the PacLease proposal is the dealer network it offers and also the continued reliability and serviceability of the PACCAR product,” says Steve Fieldus, Transforce Logistics Managing Director. “That for us is critical.”

While the supply chain never stops, its demands can vary depending on economic climates, international markets and seasonal product.
Because of this, the company, according to Steve, takes advantage where it can of having a fixed price schedule every month.

“We know exactly where our costs are with the fixed price of the truck including the servicing of that vehicle,” he says. “That gives us peace of mind for the next five years.”

With a total of 13 prime movers in its fleet, Transforce Logistics operates three DAF and three Kenworth trucks as part of its full service lease agreement with PacLease. The trucks, regardless of breakdowns or servicing requirements, are all budgeted on a plan that includes preventative maintenance. All servicing is performed entirely by PacLease agents. Any after sales support or subsequent repairs required of it is included and covered under the contract says Steve.   
“For us it’s about having new or late model equipment and an assurity around the monthly costs of operating prime movers and Rigid trucks,” he says.
With dedicated support to understand the daily needs and tasks of its customers, PacLease representatives identify the right programs and services in which to specify the best trucks. During peak business seasons, high quality units are available to meet demands.

With brand unity of increasing importance to transport businesses both big and small, PacLease will finish rental trucks in the livery of its customer so that it fits with the fleet.  

“All of our PacLease trucks have our fleet markings,” says Steve. “Its sticker orientated signage and at the end of the term we can peel it all off and we’re back to plain white vehicles and we can hand it back and get another one.”

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