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ALC says TIC outcomes must spur cooperative action

The outcomes from the Transport and Infrastructure Council (TIC) meeting in Darwin on 18 May are especially significant for Australia's freight logistics industry, according to the Australian Logistics Council.

The release of the Final Report of the Inquiry into National Freight and Supply Chain Priorities has reportedly shown the magnitude of the task facing governments and industry in the development of an effective National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy.

"The Inquiry Report released today is comprehensive, and sets out priority actions for governments to take in relation to investment, reform and governance of Australia’s freight industry,” said ALC Managing Director, Michael Kilgariff.

“ALC’s major submission to the Inquiry, Freight Doesn’t Vote, was developed following an extensive process of industry engagement.

“It is pleasing that so many of the Inquiry Report’s key recommendations closely align with those put forward in ALC’s submission. This means the government has clearly heard the industry’s message.

“The Report articulates the challenges that are hampering greater supply chain efficiency and safety – a lack of data, antiquated planning practices, poorly coordinated infrastructure investment and poor appreciation of freight’s economic importance.

“This Report now gives all governments the opportunity work cooperatively to develop a coherent and effective Strategy that addresses each of these priority areas.

“Given the complexity of the interjurisdictional cooperation that will be required, it may be prudent to pursue an Intergovernmental Agreement to facilitate implementation, as has occurred with other key economic reforms.

“ALC particularly welcomes the recommendation for an Industry Advisory Group to monitor progress in implementing the Strategy. We urge the Federal Government to move swiftly to establish this body, and attach clear deadlines to key milestones within the Strategy when it is released in November.

“We look forward to engaging closely and cooperatively with industry and all governments to progress the rollout of an effective Strategy.

“We note that TIC has agreed to refine a prototype model for a forward-looking cost base for heavy vehicle charges. It is essential that industry be consulted on the development of this model early in the process, to build confidence in its outcomes," he said.

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