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ALRTA seeks changes to NVD

The Australian Livestock and Rural Transporters Association (ALRTA) has written to Meat and Livestock subsidiary, Integrity Systems Company, proposing changes to the information included in National Vendor Declarations (NVDs).

According to ALRTA, it is pushing for change in NVDs to enable supply chain parties to meet the requirements of the Australian Welfare Land Transport Standards and Guidelines (Land Transport Standards).

Throughout the Land Standards, various sections make it reportedly clear that all ‘persons in charge’ in the livestock supply chain share responsibility for ensuring that appropriate feed and water curfews are applied prior to transport, and that relevant information is communicated to ensure that maximum time off water limits are not exceeded.

Successful management of total time off feed or water is only possible when the consignor, transporter and consignee all have access to reliable information.  The current version of the PigPass NVD already caters for such information to be recorded.

Given that a Livestock Production Assurance (LPA) NVD is required for all movements of cattle, goats, sheep and lambs (including property to property, through saleyards, direct to processors, feedlots and the live export trade), this declaration is the obvious place to include curfew information for these species.

While ALRTA has acknowledged that the current NVD for sheep and lambs does already record ‘Hours off feed and water before transporting’, this current format is not sufficient.

Firstly, it does not separate feed and water, and secondly, chain parties cannot account for any delays that may have occurred during loading, transport or unloading when attempting to calculate total time off feed and water over a journey.

ALRTA has recommended that all LPA NVDs adopt the same format for recording feed and water curfews as the equivalent PigPass NVD.

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