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ARTSA reports on heavy vehicle registrations and PBS

The Australian Road Transport Suppliers Association (ARTSA) has reported historic, strong growth from 2017 continuing into 2018 for new heavy vehicle registrations.

ARTSA’s prediction in September 2017 for annual growth in new registrations in heavy vehicles was 14.4 per cent.  The actual growth at year-end was a record at 20.2 per cent.  The latest figures at end March 2018 now show annualised growth running at 21.7 per cent. This equates to some 33,300 new units per annum that can be broken down into 6,300 heavy prime movers, 11,000 heavy trailers and 16,000 heavy and medium duty rigid trucks.

These are average figures and the growth differs significantly between registration categories, according to ARTSA – adding that it has detailed data on the entire registered park of some 0.9 million heavy vehicles over 4.5 tonnes.

“Both prime movers and trailers enjoyed 2017 growth of over 20 per cent compared with the 2016 figures whereas rigid trucks had a ‘modest’ 12 cent growth year-on-year,” ARTSA said in a statement. “With the strongest start to the first quarter since ARTSA started reporting results at the beginning of 2014, historical trends would suggest 2018 would again be a record year.”

On 8 May at the ARTSA Global Heavy Vehicle Leaders Summit, ARTSA will be releasing a report on the 6,000 Performance-Based Standards (PBS) combinations comprising over 15,000 separately registered PBS trucks and trailers that are now working on Australian roads.

The growth in PBS has been “dramatic” and the ARTSA report produced in conjunction with the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) will for the first time give a detailed breakdown of the trends in this growth and its growing market share.  In some registration categories PBS vehicle numbers are substantial and this represents a significant new trend.

The report will be made available exclusively to Global Heavy Vehicle Leaders Summit delegates and ARTSA Data customers.

Australia’s Leading Chief Scientist Dr Alan Finkel speaks with ARTSA about the nation’s trucking industry and how it underpins the economy.

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