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ATA announces TruckSafe’s new accreditation standards

TruckSafe has launched a new standards and accreditation guide.

The guide has been created to give all parties in the supply chain more confidence of compliance.

TruckSafe’s business and risk management scheme provides accredited members with best-practice systems according to the Australian Trucking Association (ATA). 

“With the recent changes to the Heavy Vehicle National Law and the newly introduced master industry code of practice, we’ve re-written our standards to give our members confidence of compliance,” said TruckSafe Chair Ferdie Kroon.

“TruckSafe has built the master code into the 2019 standards to ensure accredited members are compliant with truck safety laws and chain of responsibility requirements,” he said.

The revised standards according to Kroon will raise the bar of chain of responsibility compliance and that TruckSafe is committed to ensuring the transition process is as easy and hassle-free as possible.

“TruckSafe has also developed a gap-analysis tool that assists members in their transition from the old standards to the 2019 standards,” he said.

“This tool and the new standards will provide members with easily understandable working procedures and the resources they need to address potential risks."

“TruckSafe accreditation gives customers and the community assurance that operators have responsible work practices, well maintained vehicles, healthy trained drivers, management systems and animal welfare framework that meet their transport needs.”

(Image: Ferdie Kroon, TruckSafe Chair).

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