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ATA calls for stability control in rigids

Electronic Stability Control (ESC) for new heavy duty trucks and trailers will improve safety, but is not enough, said Australian Trucking Association (ATA) Chair, Geoff Crouch, in response to the government’s Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) released late last year.

The RIS proposes new prime movers weighing more than 12,000kg and new trailers weighing more than 10,000kg would require stability control, however the technology would not be fitted to new rigid trucks. 

“The Government should lean in on safety and mandate stability control for all new trucks and trailers, including rigid trucks,” Crouch said. “The ATA approach would save 148 lives and stop 1,496 serious injuries.”

Converter dollies would be exempt from the ESC requirement due to issues with the technology in rough conditions.

(Image: Australian Trucking Association Chair, Geoff Crouch.)

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