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ATA raises concerns about higher truck toll

Transurban’s draft undertaking to the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) does not address the trucking industry’s concerns about the proposed acquisition of WestConnex, said Australian Trucking Association (ATA) Chair, Geoff Crouch.

The ACCC has released a draft proposed undertaking by Transurban that would require the company to publish traffic data from its New South Wales toll roads network.

“The draft proposed undertaking does not address the competition concerns raised by the ATA,” said Crouch.

“It does not address our concerns about increased truck tolls and a reduction in competition for the construction, ownership and operation of toll roads in Australia.

“The 16,000 hardworking trucking businesses in New South Wales can’t even afford the truck tolls they are charged now. The proposed sale would push truck tolls up even higher in the long run,” he said.

In its previous submission to the ACCC about the proposed Sydney Transport Partner purchase of WestConnex, the ATA expressed significant concern that: The sale would push up truck tolls in the long run through increases in the heavy vehicle multiplier; Transurban would have an increased ability to secure new toll road concessions from the government; and Truck toll increases in Sydney would flow through to Transurban roads in other states.

“Trucking operators do not have the ability to choose alternative transport modes," said Crouch. "A freight transporter can’t strap their load to the back of a bicycle and hope for the best."

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