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ATA to focus on fatigue

The Australian Trucking Association will host a fatigue-focused program titled 'FatigueHACK' as part of its Trucking Australia conference in April.

According to the ATA, the event will attract software developers, designers, industry experts, researchers, regulators and truck drivers in order to create new technologies, designs, products, partnerships and policy.

ATA Chair, Geoff Crouch, said the HACK aims to completely disrupt current thinking around the way driver fatigue is managed.

“The industry and our regulators must keep ahead of technological change. The hackathon participants will look to create something new in a competitive team environment,” Crouch said.

“The current system minutely prescribes the hours and minutes that drivers can work, but we know that 58 per cent of fatigue related crashes occur within 500 kilometres of the point of departure, well before the end of a driver’s shift.

“We want the HACK to be the most important development in truck driver fatigue policy since paper-based work diaries were introduced.

"Flexibility in fatigue management through the voluntary use of technology will not only result in better outcomes for road safety but will also enhance productivity, which is vital to our industry.

“It’s time to find a tech solution that can help drivers recognise and manage their own personal fatigue, as a voluntary alternative to written work diaries."

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