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Australia can help Singapore reduce emissions

Hydrogen technologies like those being pioneered in Australia are being considered as a clean energy source by the Singapore government as it looks to cut its carbon emissions.

Singapore has committed to reducing carbon emissions by 36 per cent in accordance with 2005 levels as part of its obligations to the Paris Agreement of which it is a signatory.

In doing so it plans on replacing the liquefied natural gas it uses for fuelling its power plants.

Austrade’s Senior Trade Commissioner in Singapore Leonie Muldoon said Australia can play a significant role in assisting Singapore to integrate a hydrogen value chain as part of its transition to clean energy.

"Singapore is calling on experts across the hydrogen supply chain to tender for a feasibility study on hydrogen import options and downstream applications for Singapore," she said.

"This is a great opportunity for Australian organisations – from commercial enterprises to research institutes and industry bodies – to share their technical and regulatory expertise to help Singapore move towards a low-emissions energy future," said Muldoon.

On 23 April 2019, the Singapore Government called for a consultancy study on how it could harness hydrogen as a sustainable source of energy. Applications for tender close on 4 June.

Australia through the National Hydrogen Roadmap released by the CSIRO in August 2018, is exploring the role clean hydrogen can play in future industries.

With increasing investment from technology manufacturers and energy companies in hydrogen such as Nikola, Toyota and Kenworth in supply chain industries, numerous pilot projects are at present running around the world and demonstrating the value of the technology in both the private and public sectors.

The global market for hydrogen is expected to reach US$155 billion by 2022.

(Image: Nikola is heavily invested in hydrogen fuel cell trucks)

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