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Australia gets first look at Volvo’s Fuel Super Truck

Commercial vehicle manufacturer, Volvo Trucks Australia, has launched the Fuel Super Truck it announced today.

The first concept truck taken directly to market, the Fuel Super Truck will be the first of its kind in B-double application.

To date all other concept trucks have been launched as single trailer vehicles. 

The B-double trailer, optimised to reduce air resistance, was designed and engineered in partnership with MaxiTRANS.

Aerodynamic upgrades have also been made to the front of the tractor, the wheel housings and entry steps Volvo confirmed in a statement.

The vehicle has been fitted with newly developed Michelin tyres which reportedly feature lower rolling resistance.

The real-world truck, which has been two years in the making, can achieve a gain of 20 per cent fuel efficiency according to Clive Jones, Vice President Sales Volvo Trucks Australia.

“The Volvo Fuel Super Truck is more than just a concept. It is a real-world truck specially engineered for Australian conditions with a fuel efficiency-optimised driveline and streamlined aerodynamics,” he said.

“The truck is designed to run on the least amount of diesel possible, without compromising productivity or performance. With fuel accounting for one third of operator costs, the industry is looking for answers to the problem of how to maximise fuel efficiency while still getting the job done.”

Jones said it was good news for owners and operators who were looking to reduce fuel consumption, with the majority of features already available for order.

“Volvo Trucks Australia is committed to working with every customer in order to find the best specification for their unique operational conditions,” he said.

Based on a design for a FH16 B-double by engineers at Volvo Group Trucks Technology in Wacol, Queensland, with support from the Volvo GTT network in Sweden, the Volvo Fuel Super Truck features the latest drivetrain and aerodynamics technology.

Initial trials, when compared to the FH16 model, have shown a 20 per cent improvement in fuel efficiency.

The Fuel Super Truck, according to Jones, is a testament to Australian ingenuity and engineering skill.

“In addition to engineering developments in the driveline and aerodynamics, other concept trucks have been single trailer vehicles, whereas the Volvo Fuel Super Truck is first B-double concept truck in the world,” he said. 

“We look forward to introducing the Volvo Fuel Super truck to customers around Australia over the coming weeks and months, and to updating the industry on further exciting developments we are making in the fuel efficiency space.”

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