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Australian carbon-busting system for trucks launches at Vegas auto week

South Australian hydrogen solutions company, Hydroflex, has launched DCARB, a system designed to reduce carbon-build up in engines at the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Week in Las Vegas starting today.

Applicable to all internal combustion engines including cars, trucks and ferries, the DCARB unit creates hydrogen and oxygen vapour that is pumped through the running engine via a hose fitted to the air filter.

This effectively oxidises the carbons, which are incinerated as they are evacuated through the vehicle’s exhaust.

The process of using the DCARB takes around 30 minutes to clean an engine of carbon deposits allowing for it to deliver improved torque, fuel efficiency and power.

The latest testing on cars, prime movers and refrigerated truck units, according to Hydroflex, return average fuel savings of 4 per cent.

Powered by 240 volts at a 15-amp circuit breaker, the DCARB units produce 20-litres of hydrogen per minute after converting a mix of potassium hydroxide and water electrolytes.

Flow rates of hydrogen can be adjusted by settings to determine the litres required an hour according to the size of an engine.

Dual hoses are fitted to allow two engines to be cleaned at once, which will double productivity said the company.

Safety features that prevent potassium hydroxide coming into contact with the engine and the operator are currently awaiting patent.

Ronn Basset, Hydroflex Business Development Manager said the cost of an engine clean amounted to less than 50 cents.

“It is also an off ramp service not requiring a pit or hoist, meaning it can be done on the side of the road or by a mobile mechanic,” he said.

“We see our customers as being mechanics, fleets and smog testing stations.”

“Trucks are probably our main market because if you can save them even two per cent in fuel the payback time would be less than a month – it’s also a good preventative measure to stop DPF filters and EGR systems from being clogged,” said Basset.

The first commercial units will commence assembly in early November for delivery in February 2019.

Hydroflex will launch an on-board system that permanently attaches to a vehicle to ensure its engine runs cleanly at next year’s Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show in Las Vegas.

160,000 buyers and distributors from around the world are expected to attend SEMA and the Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo where Hydroflex will be one of 2500 companies exhibiting to targeted buyers.

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