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Bendix release brake pad advice guide

Bendix has advised that brake pad checking is the most useful tool to find when pads need to be changed and to find issues in the entire system.

The company has said that brake pad identification is crucial, especially when some vehicles can be fitted with several different options, including aftermarket brake upgrade kits.

To properly identify the correct replacements, the brake fitter must confirm that the old pads are the same as the new pads. This can be done by assessing the shape, length, width and thickness of the pad.

As friction during the braking process causes wear to the brake rotor absorbs a high level of heat. Pads reduce the amount of heat to the brake calliper and other components but will eventually wear out.

Bendix advises to measure at several points along the length and width of the pad to identify uneven wear.

Differences in thickness of more than half a millimetre can indicate a problem with the calliper according to Bendix. The company advises that even if the pads have worn evenly with no taper they can still tell a story with the differences between pads indicating calliper problems.

Wear on both pads on one side of the vehicle could indicate the piston is unable to retract, possibly because of corrosion or a damaged rubber piston boot according to Bendix.

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