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Booming trend for trucks sales continues

The July truck and heavy van sales statistics compiled by the Transport Industry Council (TIC) show that 2018 continues to be a booming year for the local industry.

July in any year is expected to show a tightening of the market after the annual push to take advantage of the end of financial year situation for both manufacturers and buyers during the preceding June. The overall truck sector (prime movers and cab-chassis) result of 3,334 units this July may at first seem disappointing (-723) following June’s massive sales of 3,632 but comparing it month-on-month with July last year’s total of 2,501 it’s a stellar result for the month with an extra 408 units this July (+16.3 per cent).

The year-to-date accrual still indicates a record year is on the way with 19,834 new trucks up to the end of July which is 3,430 more than for the same period last year (+20.9 per cent).

The heavy duty sector achieved 1,088 new units in July, up an extra 179 on July 2017 (+19.7 per cent). Light duty also had a good month with 1,195 units which is an extra 179 units (+27.3 per cent). The big investment category remains a star performer with the year to date total of 7,908 being 30.9 per cent more than for last year’s equivalent period 9+1,868 units).

Medium duty was the only truck sector to record less for this July than for July 2017 with the total of 626 being just 27 units down on last year (-4 per cent). However, the year to date total of 7,216 is still 826 units more than for the first seven months of 2017 (+12.9 per cent).

The heavy van market was slightly down during July with 435 new units being only 15 less than for the previous July (-3.0 per cent) yet, importantly, the category remains in positive territory when considering the year to date accrual of 3,480 vans compared with 3,338 thus far in 2017 representing an extra 142 units (+4.3 per cent).

The continuing strong result for the heavy duty sector is good news on a number of fronts, not the least of which is the take up of the latest safety and driver support technologies available in 2018 models. But without some form of government encouragement the average age of the overall truck fleet only seems to be deceasing by days rather than years.

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