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Bridgestone announces TPMS as Bandag reaches milestone

Global tyre manufacturer, Bridgestone, has announced the launch of its Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS).

Speaking to media at the Brisbane Truck Show today, Bridgestone Australia CEO, Stephen Roche, who was appointed to the position last September, said the new system was conceived as an ideal offering for return to depot style fleets such as metro delivery, construction, refuse management and bus fleets.

“TPMS provides more efficient and more regular pressure checks due to each time a truck passes through the gates its tyre pressures and temperature values are taken and reported to the cloud,” he said.

“The technology is a significant step forward in reducing tyre related breakdowns by notifying operators of potential issues before they become a problem.

“TPMS is also an enhancement of our Total Tyre Management and in helping operators achieve their best CPK (process capability index) through maintaining optimal tyre pressures.

Roche said the product demonstrated Bridgestone’s ongoing commitment to the Australian and New Zealand trucking industries by identifying and developing solutions beyond tyres and creating greater value for its customers.

“Personally, I’m excited by the contribution that Bridgestone makes by using new innovations to drive efficiency and importantly safer highways,” he said.

Roche also announced retread solutions specialist, Bandag, had produced its 10 millionth unit under Bridgestone ownership.

In commercial road transport terms, it was the equivalent, according to Roche, of 300,000 B-doubles.

It was a production record for Bridgestone’s Bandag facility in Brisbane.

“We can’t afford to rest on our laurels. That’s why Bridgestone invests in the ongoing development of industry solutions and continuous improvement,” said Roche.

To date, Bridgestone has developed several innovations in the industry for fleets including Total Tyre Management, B Mobile technology and low rolling resistance tyres, developed to help reduce emissions.

(Image: Bridgestone Australia CEO, Stephen Roche.)

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