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Car carrier invests in Mack driver training

An enhanced driver-training program with a new Mack Granite training vehicle has been implemented by automotive services company PrixCar.

To meet the demands of its customers and the arrival of 120 new trailers, PrixCar first introduced driver training in 2017.

National Fleet Manager Goran Koviloski, an advocate for strong team work ethic, helped promote it internally as the staff adapted to its largest ever fleet overhaul. 

Mack Trucks Australia Area Fleet Manager, Frank Dumay altered the specifications on a Mack Granite to replace the regular sleeper with two additional seats for drivers to be trained.

“We wanted to help PrixCar with the new truck because what they are doing is great for all drivers,” he said.

“New drivers who want to learn and experienced ones who need a refresher on their skills can all learn in the modified Mack Granite.”

Although at present PrixCar only has one modified Mack all drivers are undergoing the training.

According to Koviloski, this modification has allowed PrixCar to train up to three drivers at once in real-life situations.

“Every new driver, including sub-contractors, are required to undergo the lengthy training which encompasses classroom type activities, followed by a couple of weeks of on-the-job training, putting that training into practice," he said.

"Driving safely, courteously and being environmentally aware is paramount in helping to keep our roads safe as well as reducing our emissions wherever possible.”

PrixCar is rolling out the training program, which also serves as a tool for re-evaluating and verifying a driver’s competence, across Australia.

PrixCar, as a car carrier, must follow strict regulations in order to conduct its business.

The trucks in this industry are purpose-built meaning it was crucial that PrixCar continued to get support following the purchase phase.

“Mack offer a variety of driveline specifications to suit us and have been forthcoming with an enhanced warranty and aftersales service,” said Koviloski.

Mack Trucks Australia Vice President, Dean Bestwick has championed the work PrixCar does with its driver training, and has pledged Mack’s continued support.

“The driver shortage in the transport industry at the moment is no secret, so it is great to see that companies like PrixCar are dedicated to improving the number and quality of drivers,” he said.

“We are committed to the long-term success and sustainability of the industry, and we believe working with PrixCar closely will serve to benefit all involved.”

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