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Carrier E-Drive makes future flexible power solutions a reality

Carrier Transicold is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its E-Drive all-electric technology, a patented innovation, with the launch of the high efficiency Vector HE 19 which continues to deliver high standards of efficiency, reliability and performance to the transport refrigeration sector.

Carrier Transicold Australia is a part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp.

The innovative E-Drive technology, which is at the heart of Carrier’s Vector trailer refrigeration systems and ECO-DRIVE GenSet power modules, removes mechanical transmissions found in belt-driven truck and trailer refrigeration systems and transforms engine power into electricity through a generator, thus reducing risks of leaks and emissions. This technology significantly reduces fuel consumption and results in a lower carbon footprint and quieter operation compared to diesel engine sound output.

Today, two decades after its launch, E-Drive technology has helped many fleets reduce their environmental impact, while increasing unit uptime. The technology reduces refrigerant leak rates by up to 50 per cent versus conventional systems that use standard technology, significantly cutting Co2 emissions.

2019 will see Carrier Transicold Australia launch its next generation temperature-controlled trailer system – the Vector HE 19 (High Efficiency). The internal architecture of the system has been significantly redeveloped and, combined with its new ultra-modern design, improves fuel consumption by up to 30 per cent, reduces unit weight by 10 per cent and achieves lower noise levels. Operators will benefit from reduced running costs and a lower total cost of ownership, while also minimising environmental impact.

This new high-efficiency unit has been built around Carrier Transicold’s E-Drive all-electric technology, which works by removing the mechanical transmissions found in conventional belt-driven equipment and engine power into electricity via a generator, which drives the refrigeration system. One of the key benefits – a sustaining refrigerant containment for a projected average annual leak rate of only three per cent.

The Vector HE 19 system combines the E-Drive technology with an improved multi-speed engine design, bringing fuel savings of up to 30 per cent when compared to the existing Vector 1950 – the equivalent of saving 5.4 tons of CO2 annually. It is also 82 kilograms lighter and operates at 3 dB (A) lower.

There is also available a completely engineless option for emissions reductions when coupled with Carrier ECO-DRIVE or another power source.

The ECO-DRIVE hydro-electric power source is just one of Carrier Transicold’s alternative energy sources to provide customers with flexible power options. Another is a new alternative solution that Carrier Transicold is launching in 2019. For trailer systems, the new system converts both the power generated by the trailer’s axles during transit and the kinetic energy created under braking into electricity that re-charges a battery pack. The system can also be connected to mains power while parked.

With flexible power solutions, Carrier is making possible a choice of power sources that deliver electrical power to the host Carrier Transicold unit, without any requirement for the refrigeration unit to use its own diesel engine. All of these new technologies are designed to significantly improve performance and positively impact fleet efficiency and sustainability.

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