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Cattle feed distributor relies on Isuzu trucks

Equipment supplier, Duff Pastoral, distributes molasses-based liquid cattle feed to farmers throughout northern New South Wale and southern Queensland with Isuzu trucks.

Kenway & Clark dealership in Goondiwindi recommended that Duff Pastoral owner, Robert Duff, invest in the Giga CXY 240-460 and the FXD 165-350 models for long-distance reliability as well as driver comfort.

Duff told commercial vehicle manufacturer, Isuzu Australia, that reliability was key to his purchasing decision.

“There’s lots of people that depend on us for feed for their cattle, so we can’t afford to be broken down,” he said. “We have to have reliable trucks.”

Both Isuzu trucks are reported to be fitted with the ISRI 6860 air suspension driver’s seat, complete with pneumatic lumbar support, height, rake and automatic weight adjustments.

Not only do these trucks need to be comfortable, they need to do the job, according to Isuzu. Both trucks are fitted with custom-built bodies. The Giga features onboard scales that weigh the molasses product, with the FXD fitted with a flow meter to measure the product by volume.

“We buy the product by weight, so it’s beneficial to sell it by weight too,” said Duff.

“Then there’s no discrepancy. The product’s weight alters depending on the consistency of the molasses and so forth. So, it’s much fairer both ways if it’s weighed off rather than metered by volume. The build on our Giga does that for us.

“They’re both purpose-built for the job. It’s not the sort of thing we can just chuck onto any sort of truck,” he said.

Both trucks feature Anti-Lock Braking Systems (ABS), driver airbags with seatbelt pretensioners and double acting hydraulic suspension.

The Giga and FXD, according to Isuzu, are fully equipped with the power and agility to compliment the work Duff Pastoral do.

“With a gross vehicle mass (GVM) of 16,500 kg, power of 257 kW at 2,000 rpm and torque of 1,422 Nm at 1,400 rpm, the FXD 165-350 is not messing around,” said Isuzu. “The Giga sits even higher, with a GVM of 24,000 kg, power of 309 kW at 1,800 rpm and torque of 1,863 Nm at 1,300 rpm.”

Duff told Isuzu that access was also an important consideration, as the trucks are often working in tight and hard-to-reach locations.

Isuzu’s interior features, such as the Digital Audio-Visual Entertainment (DAVE) systems and Bluetooth with voice recognition, reportedly make life easier for Duff’s drivers. “He uses the Bluetooth function everyday as a way to take things off his hands – literally,” said Isuzu.

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