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Cattle transport boosted by new road upgrades in Western QLD

Recently announced upgrades to key routes are tipped to help primary producers of cattle in Western Queensland overcome supply chain challenges.

Works to seal nearly 17 kilometres of the Clermont-Alpha Road in central west Queensland mark the latest project in the gradual rollout of the $100 million Beef Roads Program.

Deputy Prime Minister and Federal Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development Michael McCormack said the $8.71 million upgrades represent an important step in further unlocking northern Australia’s livestock commodity potential.

“By providing targeted upgrades to key routes, we are alleviating some of those pressures and securing the future success of an important industry," he said.

“Ultimately, the program recognises the positive contribution of the beef industry to economic growth and its potential for even greater expansion,” said McCormack.

Queensland Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey said sealing sections of the Clermont-Alpha Road would deliver benefits to both the broader beef industry and at a local level.

“The Clermont-Alpha Road project is one of many improving the resilience of our cattle supply chains while reducing travel times, as well as vehicle operating and maintenance costs,” said Bailey.

“The small businesses in and around Clermont and Alpha, and those along connected transport links, will experience an income boost from increased activity in tourism, agriculture and resource sectors," he said.

The project, according to Bailey, has also helped boost local and regional communities by helping secure jobs.

Barcaldine Regional Council and RoadTek are delivering the works. The Federal Government has contributed $9.7 million of the funding, around 80 per cent.

The QLD Government has made up the balance.

Bailey added, “Flow-on benefits also include increased safety for regional road users as dust and flying rocks become a thing of the past.”

Senator for Queensland Susan McDonald said the completion of sealing works on the Clermont-Alpha Road will benefit central west Queensland.

“The Clermont-Alpha Road services a number of cattle producers, and is a key road for cattle transport in the region,” she said.

“By providing targeted upgrades to key routes, we are securing the future success of the beef industry and supporting economic development across Northern Australia.”

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