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Checkpoint helps solve wheel detachments

Despite recent advances made in vehicle technology and safety, wheel losses on commercial vehicles remains an ever-present issue with up to 32 per cent of drivers failing to check wheel nuts.

Checkpoint, an expert in this field, manufactures and supplies a range of wheel nut indicators and strives to educate fleet operators and drivers alike on the best practice for wheel safety.

Checkpoint was founded over 30 years ago by the inventor of the product and CEO, Mike Marczynski.

As a commercial vehicle fleet manager, he had an issue concerning loose wheel nuts on one of his vehicles. After undertaking research and finding no suitable solution, he started work on the design of what would become the Checkpoint Original, a product claimed to be the world’s first loose wheel nut indicator.

Over the years a whole range of innovative products followed, all with the common theme of visual safety and preventative maintenance, for a wide range of safety-critical nuts and bolts on machinery across many industry sectors.

The company cites a study by Transport Research Laboratory has shown that each year, on average, there are 11,000 road incidents involving wheel defects, the results of which include 400 wheel detachments.

With reportedly only 68 per cent of drivers operating daily safety checks and five per cent never checking their wheels, the dangers surrounding wheel safety are very real.

It is a legal requirement that drivers ensure their vehicles are free from visible defects. For those that see frequent use, this often means performing daily checks to ensure the integrity of the vehicle.

Despite this, the Transport Research Laboratory study reportedly found that 32 per cent of drivers admit to not checking the wheel nuts of their vehicle, risking the possibility of wheel loss.

Sharing this responsibility, it is also the duty of the fleet operator to guarantee the roadworthiness of every vehicle.

The Checkpoint Safety range encompasses a range of solutions, all with the common theme of visual safety and preventative maintenance, aiming to provide transport businesses with a raft of benefits including increased safety awareness, reduced maintenance costs and decreased vehicle and equipment downtime.

(Image: The Importance of daily checks).

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