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Complete visibility: EROAD

EROAD develops technology solutions that manage vehicle fleets, support regulatory compliance, improve driver safety and reduce the costs associated with driving.

Even under the most optimal conditions, fleet management is tricky business, requiring the orchestration of specialised equipment often pushed to its capacity. So that this is achieved to the highest of safety standards a base level of monitoring across performance and maintenance is fast becoming a fundamental for realising improving total operating economy. There are many benefits for having greater visibility across the fleet for transport companies that use telemetry technology to connect to their vehicles. Meeting chain of responsibility obligations is only one of them.

Poring over data, of course, is now standard practice among top level businesses operating in last mile, logistics and the freight carrying sector. Data captured from commercial vehicles can offer operational insights across key performance indicators like speed, idling, handling and fuel use. In-cab devices, according to EROAD, help drive efficiencies in which live route updates and driver coaching can be enabled through two-way communication.

EROAD’s network communications store data that is subsequently encrypted and transmitted via mobile networks to a central, secure database for easy access, any time. Given that all types of vehicles and assets in a fleet can be managed on the one platform it helps support better maintenance and fatigue management – and it’s usage and adaptability encompasses the majority of industry sectors. EROAD’s easy-to-use solution is used by fleets of all shapes and sizes, in every industry including road transport, civil contracting, construction, agriculture, government and ministries, fleet cars, light vans, single axle trailers, tractor units, heavy vehicles, haulage trucks, buses and coaches, tow trucks, agitators and waste management trucks as well as off-road assets.

Drive Buddy, the system’s in-cab alert system, ensures drivers know when they’ve exceeded the speed limit, while giving managers the information they need to support the people behind the wheel. Trans-Tasman transport company, Conroy Removals, an EROAD customer, has installed the system across its 12 Australian branches in a bid to improve safety and limit, given the urgency of the task, unavoidable speeding infringements with almost immediate results.

Conroy Removals Operations Manager Wayne Moody said he can follow the trucks from either Australia or head office in New Zealand, since the countries also conveniently share a single technology platform.

“It helps us monitor and look after the guys a lot better,” he said. “Our operations team now is a little more finger-on-pulse.”

As Conroy Removals stake their reputation on delivering the possessions of its valued clients safely and as efficiently as possible around the world, EROAD has assisted it coordinate its 50 delivery vehicles across vast distances that span Townsville, Perth Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

Recent changes to the Heavy Vehicle National Law have also underlined the importance of health and safety, so Conroy Removals sought to improve fleet visibility and find a more efficient way to track maintenance. Wayne says the cloud-based portal from EROAD provides visualisations of his fleet activity, providing something of a boost to his compliance management and health and safety processes.

“Office management and analysis of fleet maintenance can identify for us business trends or issues that can then be addressed and that is a good thing for our business,” he said.

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