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Conference to address heavy vehicle fire prevention

Australian Road Transport Suppliers Association (ARTSA) member, Dr Peter Hart, will highlight the key causes of truck fires at a heavy vehicle fires conference on 15 August at Royal Randwick in Sydney.

Dr Hart, who is a leading forensic expert, said that heavy vehicle fires are preventable.

“About 75 per cent of fires start on the motor vehicle,” he said. “The causes are known. ARTSA has a 10-point plan for manufacturers, operators and drivers to follow that, if followed, would reduce heavy truck and trailer fires by 90 per cent.”

Dr Hart highlights that in some cases the truck driver can play a role in averting a disastrous truck fire by being better informed about the danger signs and by performing simple checks at rest breaks.

An information flyer for truck drivers will be made available at the conference.

The conference will bring together experts, policy makers, manufacturers, operators and component suppliers to share their experience on what is one of the largest claims categories for insurers in Australia.

NTI Insurance recently advised that truck fires only make up about 8 per cent of their claims but the fires often resulted in a six-figure payout as the truck, trailer and cargo are destroyed.

The day will cover:

  • Truck, trailer and bus fires - the scale of the problem
  • The community cost of heavy vehicle fires
  • What drivers should do when signs of fire occur
  • Common causes of heavy vehicle fires
  • Opportunities to reduce fire risk
  • Practical inspection regimes
  • Wheel-end fire and separation risks and treatment
  • Recommended changes to technical standards (ADR and Australian Standards)
  • The particular fire risks of dangerous goods vehicles
  • The challenges of the electric age, lithium-ion battery safety

Registration is now open and ARTSA members can enjoy a significant discount by using the promotional code ARTSA2019 on the ticketing page.

The event will launch an updated fires advisory that will be useful for all parties involved in manufacturing, operating and maintaining heavy vehicle equipment.

For more information contact ARTSA Executive Director Greg Rowe on 0407 825 132 or

In related news, ARTSA and the National Bulk Tanker Association (NBTA) debriefed on their Brisbane Truck Show meeting.

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