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Critical sealing continues as part of $100M Beef Roads program

The sealing of key cattle supply routes in North Queensland continues apace, with works under way on the Burke Developmental Road between Chillagoe and Almaden.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development, Michael McCormack, said the works were part of the $100 million Northern Australia Beef Roads Program jointly funded by the Australian and Queensland Governments to the tune of $5.97 million and $1.49 million respectively.

“The Burke Developmental Road is a key route for cattle transport in northern Queensland, servicing a number of cattle producers in the region between Chillagoe and Almaden,” said McCormack.

According to Queensland Senator, Susan McDonald, when completed the project will improve the efficiency of the cattle supply chain by enhancing safety and reducing vehicle operating and maintenance costs.

“The bitumen seal will reduce the amount of loose stones that are propelled into passing vehicles and increase livestock welfare by lessening stresses caused by road roughness and dust generation,” said McDonald.

Queensland Transport and Main Roads Minister, Mark Bailey, said local residents and businesses would benefit from the project.

“The extended sealing of the Burke Developmental Road will improve reliability, reducing road closures and load limits during the wet season,” said Bailey.

The sentiment was echoed by Queensland Minister for Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries, Mark Furner, who said Queensland’s cattle industry is worth approximately $5 billion, and the beef processing sector alone supports 18,000 jobs.

“This industry is dependent on a reliable and efficient supply chain so our world-renowned produce can get to dinner tables here in Queensland and around the world,” said Furner.

Upgrading of the Burke Developmental Road between Chillagoe and Almaden will be delivered in two stages.

Stage 1 involves 3.45 kilometres of progressive sealing works on unsealed sections of the road between Chillagoe and Almaden.

Stage 2 will see 1.8 kilometres of road sealed to further improve safety and productivity on this important supply route in North Queensland.

Works are scheduled to be completed by December 2019, weather permitting.

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