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Cummins discusses energy diversity and innovation

Independent diesel engine producer, Cummins, has elaborated on the need for diverse power solutions and the importance of emissions regulations at the Achates Opposed Piston Engine Symposium held in the US.

Regina Barringer, General Manager of the Global Rail & Defense for Cummins, said that diesel technology is the core technology of many economic sectors because of its power, density, availability and the durability of diesel engines.

“It’s not only new technologies that will make strides toward additional sustainability,” she said. “Diesel will move ahead with them.”

In 2017, Cummins was awarded a $65.1 million contract by the National Advanced Mobility Consortium to develop and demonstrate a technologically advanced engine for the next generation of US combat vehicles. The Advanced Combat Engine (ACE) project is led by Cummins Corporate Research and Technology and supported by Achates Power in the development of an opposed piston multi-cylinder engine for the military. ACE is a key component of the Army’s 30-year strategy to modernise tactical and combat vehicles.

During the symposium, Barringer highlighted the work to develop this technology to improve the performance, survivability, and range of ground combat vehicles while reducing fleet fuel use.

Barringer emphasised the need for both continual innovation and diverse energy solutions to meet customer needs. She also discussed the importance of companies like Cummins working collaboratively with California Air Resoures Board (CARB) and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to develop tough, clear and enforceable standards.

“To meet future energy and emissions requirements, a diverse range of power solutions will be necessary,” said Barringer. “For example, electrification will be adopted more incrementally in commercial applications – first in bus and pick-up and delivery and in other markets over time as it becomes economically viable. However, clean diesel will remain the most cost-effective solution in many heavy-duty and off-highway markets for the next decade or longer. Cummins will continue to innovate and bring new solutions to our customers when they are viable to help our customers be as successful as possible.”

In October, Cummins and Isuzu Motors signed a Letter of Intent for the evaluation of joint opportunities to deliver global competitive products.

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