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Cummins X15 stays EGR-free for Euro VI

To dispel any industry concerns over the engine architecture needed for Euro VI emissions compliance, Cummins used last month’s Brisbane Truck Show to unveil the next generation X15 engine.

Even though the next round of on-highway emissions regulations may still be several years away, Mike Fowler, Cummins South Pacific’s Director of Engine Business, said the company found it important to “instill market confidence” in the engine early on.

“We are giving our customers confidence that the X15 they have now will be very similar to the X15 they will have for Euro VI,” he told CRTNews, adding continuity was the company’s core priority when updating the 15-litre unit.

As such, the ‘new’ X15 continues to use proven SCR/ AdBlue technology for Euro VI, helped merely by a new, ‘Single Module’ aftertreatment system.

“The Euro VI engine does not require a combination of EGR and SCR,” he said.  “Our EGR-free Euro VI platform is the right technology in that it builds on the attributes of our Euro V X15 engine while continuing to emphasise simplicity – the critical ingredient in the recipe for reliability and durability, the foremost requirement of our customers.”

Fowler explained in its basic architecture, the X15 Euro VI differs very little from the Euro V version. For example, a simple wastegate turbocharger is used along with Cummins’ well-proven XPI common rail fuel system.

So what’s new? What’s different is the exhaust aftertreatment, which is faciliated by the company’s new ‘Single Module’ technology (pictured right) – a one-piece design that integrates both the SCR system and diesel particulate filter (DPF) and is said to be up to 40 per cent lighter and 60 per cent smaller compared with existing multi-module systems.

Fowler told CRTNews the smaller size enables “better heat management and retention” for improved fuel economy capability, while a simple, single-pass exhaust flow design delivers low back pressure. “The single module design also results in a more robust and reliable aftertreatment system,” he said – pointing out that additional efficiencies have been gained by minimising friction losses in the gear train, lube system and power cylinder.

While peak outputs for the X15 Euro 6 have yet to be confirmed, Fowler revealed there will be a broad range of ratings. A specific set of ratings will be for matching with automated transmissions to enable engine downspeeding for fuel economy optimisation, while another set of ratings will be for higher GCM applications or manual transmissions where performance is critical.

As such, Fowler is expecting measurable fuel economy gains due to optimised ratings and further improvements to powertrain integration. including the use of new predictive technologies.

While an implementation date for Euro VI in Australia is yet to be confirmed, Fowler said Cummins will be prepared well in advance. “An extensive field test program for our Euro VI product will begin later this year,” he told CRTNews. “We will have a significant number of trucks involved in the program in a variety of duty cycles, from single trailer to roadtrain.”

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