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Daimler and ATA invest in discovering future leaders

The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) and Daimler Truck and Bus Australia Pacific last week announced the return of the Daimler Truck and Bus Future Leaders’ Forum.

The 2019 forum will deliver what is being touted as a career-defining professional development program to a handpicked group of trucking business owners and employees between the ages of 18 and 40.

“The inaugural Daimler Truck and Bus Future Leaders’ Forum, held earlier this year, was incredibly successful and surpassed all expectations of what a program like this could deliver,” said Geoff Crouch ATA Chair.

“The trucking industry is constantly changing, and we face many issues that we have not experienced before. Now is the time to engage a new generation of professionals who can lead the way to ensure the future of the industry remains viable and sustainable,” he said.

The first part of the 2019 Daimler Truck and Bus Future Leaders’ Forum will be held in Canberra 12-13 November.
It will provide participants with the opportunity to develop their potential as future leaders of the industry and the ATA’s network of member associations.

The program will include intensive workshops and take-home leadership projects on key industry issues, which will be presented at Trucking Australia 2019, held in Perth starting on 3 April.
During the forum, participants will also be mentored by experts in leadership, media and political training.

“We were excited to see the talent and vision on display during the 2018 Daimler Truck and Bus Future Leaders’ Forum, which will help build a stronger, safer and more productive industry,” said Daniel Whitehead, Daimler Truck and Bus Australia Pacific President and CEO.

“It is clear that this type of initiative, which nurtures the next generation of Australia’s transport industry leaders, can help make it a destination industry for the country’s finest,” he said.

Crouch said the ATA is encouraging member associations to nominate someone they believe would thrive in the program and make a difference as an industry leader.

“There are many wonderful individuals within our member associations who are making positive changes in the industry. I am also pleased to announce the 2019 Forum will accept an eligible representative from the ATA’s safety accreditation scheme TruckSafe,” he said.

Participants must be involved as an owner or employee in a trucking business that is a financial member of an ATA member association or TruckSafe.

A participant may also be a direct member of an ATA association that offers individual membership.

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